Sunday, August 24, 2008

Temporal aspect of the Drake Equation and psychological challenges of long duration missions

Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:
g Abodes -Atmospheric chemists, physicists, oceanographers, and marine biologists from Asia, North America, and Europe are studying the place where the Arctic Ocean’s multiyear sea ice meets one-year, land-fast ice in the Canadian Arctic archipelago. See article.
g Life - Human activities are having disastrous effects on the health of the world's oceans according to a new prognosis. Factors such as overfishing and climate change must be addressed in order to ensure the future health of one of our planet's most important biological resources. See article.
g Message -Here’s an interesting paper, “The Temporal Aspect of the Drake Equation and SETI, “ which critically investigate some evolutionary aspects of the famous Drake equation. See article. Note: This paper is a few years old.
g Cosmicus -In addition to the physical dangers of exploring the moon and Mars, future human explorers will also need to overcome many psychological challenges in order for long duration missions to be successful. See article.
g Aftermath - We live in a new age of discovery, the first days of a new renaissance. It is the dawn of the age of planets. See article. Note: This article is from 2005.

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