Friday, December 17, 2004

Welcome to Alien Life

Every day, astonishing new discoveries, advances and lines of thought occur in the field of astrobiology - the science of extraterrestrial or alien life. Because the field is so new and draws upon a diverse array of sciences, a "clearinghouse" is needed, especially for the layman. This blog attempts to serve that need. I'll update daily, providing commentary on, links to the latest mainstream news articles and notes on upcoming television broadcasts for most of the following areas, which loosely follow the famous Drake equation:
g Stars - Cosmology and astronomy that affect our understanding of alien life
g Abodes - Geology and Earth climate that helps us grasp how life comes to be and the environments in which it may evolve
g Life - Biology, especially the evolution of life, as well as chemistry and other sciences that advance our understanding of how life exists on Earth
g Intelligence - Our understanding of how homo sapiens and, more generally, intelligence evolves
g Message - Our attempts to communicate with our other intelligences
g Cosmicus - Humanity's climb to the status of a space-faring civilization
g Learning - Science education, for humanity's future and astrobiology's success depends upon a science literate youth and public
g Imagining - Musings on the possibilities of science fiction aliens
g Aftermath - The latest speculations of what will happen after humanity and aliens make contact

This blog hopefully will appeal to a variety of interests, from teachers and parents wishing to interest children in science to science fiction writers conducting background research, from college science majors trying to keep up on the latest advances in specific fields that astrobiology draws upon to the amateur astronomy buff interested in the night sky.

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kingrazcue said...

Hey Rob, this is pretty cool! I'll check in often for updates. Keep up the good work. I sent a link to my Buddy who is the MUFON-LA tech administrator.